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Locally FIR$T–a Non Profit service project by UCWIB

We hope you have been following Locally FIR$T.  It is Union County Women in Business’ effort to encourage people who are purchasing goods and services to “Keep it in the County” and to “Think, Shop, Buy Locally FIR$T”. 

 At a Union County Economic Development meeting, some of us heard a presentation by U of I Extension Educator and Community Development researcher, Susan Odum, who had done a study of 2012 Retail Trade in Southern Illinois.  Among her findings was that Union County loses $44 Million annually in retail sales, money that is taken out of circulation, out of the multiplier effect, and no longer provides income to businesses, tax dollars to towns and the county, and eventually takes away from money that could be donated to worthwhile school and community organizations and causes. 

 Though we know that some retail purchases must be made out of the county, her conclusion was that many people are spending money outside the county that could be spent on goods and services inside the county.  Our group decided to make this a 2014 project.

 There have been articles in the paper, letters to the editor of the Gazette-Democrat, a news clip on WPSD, presentations at many government and civic organizations, information on the UC county website and Facebook Page.  Locally FIR$T is being very well received by all who hear our presentation, and listeners are surprised by the information. 


We can’t fix all the problems of Illinois, but we CAN make a difference in the future of  Union County, the place where we, and hopefully our children, call HOME!


Charlottte Clover, Country Financial, 833-8100For more information about this UCWIB community service project, signs, tshirts, or presentations, contact Union County Women in Business,

Evelyn Bailey, Southern Real Estate Group, 697-4038

Alice Stearns, Alto Pass Angus and Eggs, 697-4043

Shavonna Shipley, Shavonna’s Bookkeeping Service, President of UCWIB, 833-5491

LouAnnElwell, SouthPass Beads, 893-6170

Hope Holderfield, Union County Abstract and Personal Organizing and Business Assistant, 534-4669

Mary Nash-Swink, Union County Hospital, 833-4511 ext 4359

Danielle Stevens, Country Financial, 833-2123