For Businesses

BUSINESSES:What can YOU do to help yourself ?

Some local shoppers do not know what you offer! TELL THEM! 

  • Start a BUSINESS Facebook Page, NOT a personal page, and post your “news” frequently.
  • Check your branding?  What do shoppers associate with you?  High quality product?  Unique local product? Exceptional customer service?   Easy returns?   Good selection?   Knowledgeable staff?
  • Put a sign in your window enticing them to come in and see what you offer. Make one of your own OR
  • Order one of our standard or custom signs with something clever or special to you (UCWIB makes NO money on signs or shirts.)
    • Need a gift? We’ve got them.
    • We Price Match
    • Be surprised, come in.
    • Try us first
    • We have……
    • PERSONAL customer service
    • We support …..    The arts, school name, ball teams, community projects, 4-H, etc.
    • Local sales tax keeps you safe
  • Consider a small DO YOU KNOW ad in the Gazette-Democrat and/or WIBH.  Make people curious!

Too often shoppers do not realize the difference buying locally makes!

  • Have the discussion of why shopping locally is important to all of us—Keeping jobs, providing services, making  this a place where businesses want to come, creating better communities for our residents and future generations.
  • Wear our Locally FIR$T t shirts, very reasonably priced, to keep reminding potential clients of the importance!
  • Write a letter to the editor supporting Locally FIR$T from your point of view—keep it positive!

Are your customers loyal to you?

  • Are your employees trained in excellent customer service?  Listening, patience, quick response, eye contact, frequent communication, etc, depending upon your business?  Customer service IS a HUGE reason people use small town businesses.
  • Do you have or could you develop some kind of loyalty bonus?  Be creative!  Partner with another local business?
  • It is much easier to retain a customer than to acquire a new one.

Unsolicited advice about your donations for fundraisers:  Instead of giving an item, why not give a gift certificate in a cute little something so that winners have to COME to your store and look around.  If you must give an actual item, make it something they may not know you carry.  If you are a service business with no retail items, give an item with a logo or a gift certificate from a Union County Business IN a logoed item.


Get involved!  Be informed!                  

Join Union County’s Women in Business, Chamber of Commerce, or Economic Development Corporation.  Support city councils, Downtown Anna, Cobden Community and Business Assoc., Alto Pass Business Assoc., and the CEO program. Take advantage of workshops at the Small Business Development Center at SCC. Go to for info. There are like-minded people who will work with you to be the best you can be!


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