A 2012 retail study by University of Illinois Extension Educator Susan Odum revealed a retail trade leakage of $44 Million for Union County, suggesting that local residents spent a significant amount of their retail dollars OUTSIDE of Union County!

These dollars have escaped Union County when consumer spend their hard earned dollars online and in Cape Girardeau, Marion, Carbondale, and elsewhere.

When those dollars leave Union County they do not have the opportunity to do something called “the multiplier effect.” This is when money spent in Union County continues to circulate from business to person to business and on and on. More simply put…money spent in Union County tends to stay in Union County!

When we lose the benefit of the multiplier effect,local businesses can no longer provide jobs, contribute to sales tax, and support local schools and organizations.

When the multiplier effect is in full swing it creates a thriving community!!!

In order to make our community thrive we must make a conscious effort to Think.Shop.Buy. LOCALLY FIRST!

You will be amazed at all the things you can find in Union County!

You have the power to vote with your dollars! Invest in the community you call home!!